DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath

This was a fun project that anyone can do! It took me a couple of hours, and the end result was worth every minute! You can use whatever color yarn best suits your taste and home decor. You can add more flowers, or take them away, a completely customizable project!

Read my instructions below, or watch the youtube video (click here) to find out how I made my wreath.

DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath


DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath

Step 1

DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath
  1. To get started you hot glue the end of the yarn to the back of the foam form. Start wrapping the yarn around the foam form, keeping it as tight and even as possible. Once you wrap all the way around, cut the yarn, and glue the end to the back.
  2. Start the next color yarn (my next color was blue) by also gluing down the end to the backside of the wreath and start wrapping. The brown provides a good solid color base. Use the second color to add an interesting pattern and a pop of color. Start by wrapping the yarn close together, and then slowly spread it out. For the second color I didn’t wrap it all the way around the form, I instead left a section just brown. If you choose to add a third, or more, colors repeat step 2.
  3. My third color was green. I started by wrapping the yarn close together, and spread it out as I went.
  4. I stopped wrapping the green short, so a section of just blue and brown was left.

Step 2

DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath DIY Decor: Make A Yarn Wreath
  1. To create the paper flowers you need book pages, mod podge (if you want them to be waterproof), scissors, wire, a pencil, burlap, and hot glue. If you want the flowers to be waterproof first coat the book pages front and back with mod podge, I typically paint it on with a paintbrush. Once the mod podge dries you are ready to start making the flowers. Cut a flower template out of any paper, and use it to trace around in order to get consistent size and shape flowers. I drew out five different sizes of the same long petal flower. You can have just one size, but it will make it look more three dimensional if you stack different sizes.
  2. I stacked 3-5 layers of flowers, in sizes that go from large to small, to get a three dimensional flower. Lay the flower template on the book pages and trace around the outside. Cut out the flower shapes. I also layered burlap cut outs with my book page cut outs to create a more interesting look. If you use burlap loosely trace around the flower form, cut it out, and layer it with the other cut outs. To be able to bend the petals you need to add wire. Attach wire to the back of the paper cut outs, using hot glue. Stack the various paper flower sizes, with burlap in between, and put hot glue between each layer. Attach the flowers to the wreath using hot glue. Either use a wreath hanger, or attach string or a strip of burlap to hang your wreath from. Enjoy your finished project, it's the perfect way to dress up your front door in less than a day!

I am a 26 year old wife, mom to two pups, teacher, artist, crafter, and visual journal addict. I love to create projects in my spare time and share them with others via my blog. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2008 with my undergrad in art education, and again in 2009 with my masters in art education.

I am starting my fourth year teaching art at a high school in Norcross, GA, and I love every minute of it! My husband, two pups, and I currently live in Atlanta, GA.

I believe everyone needs a little bit of arts and crafts in their life, and I hope you are able to add some to yours.

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