DIY Home Decor: Recycled Wastebasket

We all have them. The stack sits in the corner waiting. What can it be? It is a pile of junk mail, flyers and advertising media. So instead of tossing them IN a wastebasket why not toss them ON the wastebasket? The colors will remind you of a quilt. Do not worry if the strips wrinkle a bit. It adds texture and completes the quilt-like look.

DIY Home Decor: Recycled Wastebasket


Step 1

DIY Home Decor: Recycled Wastebasket DIY Home Decor: Recycled Wastebasket DIY Home Decor: Recycled Wastebasket DIY Home Decor: Recycled Wastebasket
  1. Cut the junk mail into strips. Vary the thickness but a good start is ¼”. It is easier if you stack them together and cut the strips with a paper cutter but you can use scissors. You can even use a shredder.
  2. Spread some tacky glue around the edge of the wastebasket.
  3. Begin adding strips around. Overlap and connect each strip.
  4. Continue adding glue and strips working your way down the wastebasket. If a strip doesn’t meet connect with smaller strips. Being perfect doesn’t matter and you can’t do it wrong. Let dry.

You may notice that the strips may wrinkle slightly; this is desirable since it adds texture to the wastebasket. You can smooth the wrinkles down with your fingers if desired. If strips don’t meet cut smaller pieces to connect

Step 2

DIY Home Decor: Recycled Wastebasket DIY Home Decor: Recycled Wastebasket

When the wastebasket has dried use the paint brush to spread some Gloss Modpodge over the entire surface and let dry.

This tutorial is brought to you by an artist and craft designer, Crystal Donnelly, who began writing in 1992. She has had her designs featured in national Craft publications such as “Crafts n Things,” “Pack O Fun”, and in the books, “Quick & Easy Christmas Crafts”, and “201 Bazaar Bestsellers.”

Crystal Donnelly

Her work has appeared on the television show, “Aleene’s Creative Living.” Donnelly studied liberal arts in the Virginia Community College System and Virginia Commonwealth University. Crystal is co-owner of a Saddlery store and is currently working on a leaflet detailing the dos and don’ts of equestrian wear.

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