DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower

Learn how to make your own Newspaper Flowers with this fun tutorial

DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower

Hi there! Jessica of scrumdillydilly here with a newspaper friendly craft for you to make.

The beauty of this project is that you get to use something you may already have on hand AND even the most non-crafty type can accomplish it.

Now, for a little background information: I seem to have a thing for for vintage linens and for making up my bed. Beds make great canvases for dressing up or down, for making a room cozy, warm or pretty and for showcasing your vintage linen collection if you have one.

Being a renter here in the states, I can’t paint my walls but I can use color to make my bed. This year, I’ve added a twist, creating new installations of art and/or artfully arranged objects as a part of my bed-making adventures. This project is my most recent adventure; check it out.



We’re going to fold up an ENORMOUS newspaper flower or two. For the large flower I used two sheets of newspaper and for the two smaller flowers I used one to make both of them.

DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower DIY Decor: Make A Newspaper Flower
  1. The first thing you need to do is cover your newspaper with paint.
  2. Just drizzle it on and slap it all over that paper.
  3. Set aside to dry.
  4. Once dry, cut your two sheets of paper in half.
  5. Fold each half accordion style at least five times. You will need to estimate how large a fold to fold but the smaller the fold, the more you fold and the fuller your flower will appear.
  6. To accordion fold you fold up a bit from the bottom then flip your paper over and fold up from there, alternating each side until you have a fold strip of newspaper.
  7. Repeat this process for each of the four halves you have.
  8. to create the flower sections, pick up one of your folded strips and fold that in half to create a fan shape. Repeat with each of the four sections.
  9. Join two sections together using tape and/or staples. I used bright washi tape so you can see where I taped the pieces together.
  10. Once you get all the sections taped together you will have a large newspaper flower!

You can create a large flower with just one sheet of newspaper but your flower will not be as full and flower-y.

To create the smaller flowers, I cut one sheet of newspaper into four smaller squares and joined up two folded sections for each flower. Don’t forget your centers! Mine were made by cutting out somewhat wonky circles and gluing them to the center of each flower with a dab of glue. Now go fold yourself a newspaper garden!


Greetings and salutations! My name is Jessica but my friends call me jek. I’m a California native living on the central coast with my mr. a-go-go in a tiny apartment filled with all sorts of stuff.

When not at my day job as a preschool teacher I am most probably blogging away, making things, thrift shopping, road tripping and taking more pictures than you can shake a stick at.

I generally shoot with my much used Canon Rebel XS but I also sport a Fuji Instax Wide, Holga and an assortment of disposable and/or thrifted cameras. Now, if only I would actually get all this film developed…until then, I will bake scones, make the bed and contemplate lacing up my roller skates.

Thank you for visiting with me!

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