DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap

Learn how to make your own jean camera strap with this cool tutorial.

DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap

My Agfa Flexilette has a beautiful leather case, but unfortunately someone somewhere thought it was a great idea to add the flash to the case’s strap and NOT make it removable.

This is super-inconvenient if you want to take out your camera and snap a few quick photos.

After yet another camera session of almost entwining myself in the strap a few times I knew I had to get a strap for the camera only.

I had a few ideas on what kind of strap I wanted. I did not want it to have any metal near the camera, yet I wanted to be able to switch between the strap and the case quickly. Having small hooks at the ends of the strap and attach to the camera was not a possibility, even though that would have been the easiest solution, because of the previously mentioned metal+camera problem.

After a few hours of intense brain storming this is what I came up with.

I decided to sacrifice my old jean jacket and use a leather cord necklace and two key chain rings for the project. The snap hook is optional and I will get back to that later in the post. You also need a sewing machine for this project - you want the stitches to be able to support the weight of the camera!


DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap

The measurements of the straps are for me, so you will have to make a few adjustments here depending on how long you want the strap to be.

The long strap is 62 cm long and the short one is 15 cm long. They are 4 cm wide; I will fold them double so the finished strap will be 2 cm across. I cut the leather cord into two 15 cm long strands.

I decided to have the closure on the side to make it more comfortable to have around the neck.


DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap DIY: Make A Jean Camera Strap
  1. I zigzagged the edges of the jean straps.
  2. I then folded and ran the zigzag stitch across them again, this time in the middle of the strap.
  3. I left one end of each strap open because that is where I added the leather cords.
  4. Make sure you can get the key rings though the loop you are making before sewing.
  5. I added the key rings to the other ends of the straps.
  6. Then I ran the machine over the ends until they were strong enough to hold.
  7. And the camera strap is finished!
  8. The snap hook is not really needed as you can just close the strap with the two key rings (It will be easier to close if you have some type of snap hook though).

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