DIY Fashion: Make A Print Using Freezer Paper

I know we have all seen our share of tutorials on how to print with freezer paper but I have had so much fun making prints that I would like to show you my take on it.

DIY Fashion: Make A Print Using Freezer Paper


  1. Freezer paper
  2. Craft knife
  3. Acrylic paint
  4. Spouncer
  5. Iron


DIY Fashion: Make A Print Using Freezer Paper DIY Fashion: Make A Print Using Freezer Paper DIY Fashion: Make A Print Using Freezer Paper DIY Fashion: Make A Print Using Freezer Paper
  1. Draw out your picture on the paper side of the freezer paper. Be careful if you use a sharpie to draw with because if there is any left on the paper it will transfer onto your fabric. Cut out your picture with a craft knife cutting out what you want to have paint. This can be a confusing concept if your picture is more detailed. If you’ve never done it before, start out simple.
  2. Using your iron on a low heat setting without steam, iron the freezer paper shiny side down onto your fabric. I made the mistake of using my iron on a higher setting with steam on some previous projects and learned that it causes your paper to wrinkle and it doesn’t adhere flat to the fabric. This will result in bleeding paint.
  3. Use your spouncer (a round sponge used for stenciling) to dap a small amount of paint at a time onto your freezer paper stencil.
  4. After you’ve applied all your paint, lift off the paper carefully while the paint is still a bit wet. If you pressed the paper onto the fabric correctly, you should have some really crisp lines. I used this paint on clothing and at first, it’s a bit crunchy when the paint dries but after being washed it gets better and stays on.

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