DIY Home Decor: Make A Faux Antiqued Mirror

This DIY is a vintage mirror that is cheap and does not use harsh chemicals in the process of making them. It is mostly based on how to make your own mercury glass which could be transferred into making a faux antiqued mirror.

DIY Home Decor: Make A Faux Antiqued Mirror

DIY Home Decor: Make A Faux Antiqued Mirror



DIY Home Decor: Make A Faux Antiqued Mirror

  1. Take the glass out of the frame and clean. Start with a light spritz of the water vinegar solution on the glass.
  2. Take the spray paint and lightly cover the glass with short bursts about 6" away.
  3. Let dry and repeat the spritz with the vinegar solution and then the spray paint. Do this about three to four times.
  4. Make sure the glass is completely dry before slipping it back into the frame. Make sure the painted side is on the inside and the smooth side is out.
  5. Scuff the frame and add some paint of your chosen color.
  6. There you go! This is great for home decor items, gifts, and accessories.

I am Honor Kristie, a former art student and now a work at home mom.

Honour Kristie

I love creating things and always get asked, “How’d you do that?”, so I thought I would share the love! All of the DIYs in my website can be completed in less than an hour and cost less than $25.

My family lives on an Avocado farm in Southern California and when I’m not crafting or blogging on Home Heart Craft, I work for the family business, Sue’s Sparklers. Sue’s Sparklers is a purveyor and manufacturer of all things bling. We sell iron on rhinestone transfers, hot fix Swarovski crystals and a variety of other bling. Professional Cheer teams, Dance teams, BEBE and Victoria’s Secret are all customers.

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