DIY Culinary: Breakfast Egg Patty

This is a different take on McDonalds Egg McMuffin, a healthy version so you do not feel guilty afterwards. I skipped the butter, cheese, bacon and also used whole grain buns instead. To reduce calories I used turkey sausage and used grainy mustard instead of butter to spread on the buns

DIY Culinary: Breakfast Egg Patty


DIY Culinary: Breakfast Egg Patty


DIY Culinary: Breakfast Egg Patty DIY Culinary: Breakfast Egg Patty DIY Culinary: Breakfast Egg Patty
  1. Beat the eggs and season with,salt, garlic and onion pwd - keep aside. Then saute the sausages till brown in olive oil, now add in the beaten eggs
  2. Keep the flame low and cook,after 2 turn it gently and cook for another 2 min. (make sure to not overcook the eggs). Its done now. The sausages are hidden below so when you serve these everyone gets a good surprise.
  3. Spread mustard on the cut bun slices and add the fluffy egg patty in between. Serve hot with any fruit of your choice.

This recipe is brought to you by Amrita, an Indian living in Dubai. Being away from her family got her closer to her biggest passion, which is cooking, she creates recipes that are easy and totally stress-free and she posts most of them on her food blog.


She also takes great pride in being a mummy to her 6-year-old doberman, named Cerberus.

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